25 Korean Drama Based On Manga

A romantic comedy about a third-generation billionnaire with Drama Online Dissociative Identity Disorder and a first-year Psychiatrist resident who treats him secretly. Korean dramas often corner women into a limiting stereotype by stating that the ultimate happy ending means being with your man. These dramas do an amazing job of encouraging the archaic gender roles that were assigned to men and women in past generations, prompting women to look, dress and act a certain way. Don’t get me wrong, there were some dramas that I would watch religiously and there were times where I would think, Wow.

I have a couple native Korean girlfriends who I chat with about dramas and a lot of the time when they give me suggestions of what to watch I don’t see what is so great about them or I just flat out hate them. As one reviewer noted and I agree, this series in particular was a writer’s drama rather than a director’s drama. This is the one that made me buy stuffs online and the reason I love FT Island.

By now you know that I don’t watch KDramas for idols or eye candy, so let me know the good KDramas that I’m missing out on- if there are any. I think Song Ji Hyo is a horrible actress, and the drama she is in- The Ex GF Club seems absolutely ridiculous, kind of like Emergency Couple. Third, I gave up on Heard it Through the Grapevine”, which is unlike me–the drama is not your typical flower boy drama. The only light to that drama was my introduction to the very gorgeous Philip Lee. I wanted to watch city hunter but i am not a huge Lee Min Ho fan so i decided to take a pass.

And they go on making sarcastic reactions (like no need for facial contortions”… ” haters”….. ” shoo shoo”…and the list goes on. ). Very immature regressive behavior. I honestly want to start anew, baby steps perhaps, like watching the drama series, reading comments and understanding and respecting it. The drama plot line has everything, funny moments, sad moments that make you bawl your eyes out, moments that make you scream out in frustration. I am fully aware that other dramas do the same but this drama just takes the cake. If you do decide to watch this drama, my advice is to avoid thinking that you know what going on and thinking that whatever they throw your way will not shock you because it will.

I don’t have kids myself but if I do, I definitely don’t want them to watch angry mom for the reason of the violence alone. I know people get killed for various reason in the real world but I don’t think I want to watch that in comedy” either. It seems like in the next week (well this week actually) we will have some heart-warming moments with Kang Ja and Ah Ran (at least the preview hopes to be that) and while I agree that a drama with the genre comedy should at least have some comedy, I think the comedy hear is just second in comparison to angst”.

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